How to Reduce Pain in Knee Quickly?

Knee pain is one of the common health conditions faced by many people these days. It can be a result of some short term problems or long term problems. If the knee pain is due to short term problems, then you need not have to worry too much as you will be able to recover yourself from it. But if it is due to the long term problems, you will need a doctor or some remedies to get rid of the pain. In fact, home remedies can be of great help in getting rid of knee pain.

9 ways to Reduce Swelling in Knee 

pain in kneeHere are some remedies that can help you with knee pain quickly…

#1 RICE: Rest Ice Compression Elevation

This is one of the best and most commonly suggested ways to get rid of knee pain fast. You need to provide enough rest to the knee that is causing pain, whether it is due to injury or any other reasons. An Ice pack is a very good option to reduce pain as that is going to numb the knee area and that will help you get relief from pain and also swelling will be reduced. Using a knee heating pad can also help in getting rid of pain quickly. This also provides support to the knee. Also, make sure to elevate your knee with the help of a pillow and that is going to reduce the blood flow to the knee area. That means, reduced swelling and pain.

#2 Massage the affected knee

Massage is considered to be the best way to get relief from any kind of pain in any part of your body. This is one of the best tips that you get from your grandmothers. Use any massage oil for massaging the knee area and that helps in lubrication and blood circulation in that particular area. This is going to reduce pain and gives you relief.

#3 Do not stay inactive for a long time

Too much of rest or inactiveness is going to make the muscles weak and that in turn is going to worsen your joint pains. Staying inactive for a long time will also reduce the movement of the affected area and hence do not take too much rest when you are having knee pains. If you are unable to walk due to pain, use heated knee brace and that will provide support to the knee making it easy for you to walk.

#4 Strengthening exercises

Strengthening exercises are the best way to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. These muscles are present on both front and back sides of your thigh and that will provide support to knee joints. You should talk to your physiotherapist in order to get more information about what are the best strengthening exercises. They design exercise programs for individuals and it is always better to go for personal workout plans than trying something from the internet or books.

#5 Provide support to the knee

When you are sitting, you should make sure that the height of the chair is right. You should not sit on a chair that is low to the ground. Also, avoid sitting in couches that sink when you sit. That can hurt the knee. You should make sure to use a pillow under your knee when you are sitting on a chair. That will provide support to the knee and hence does not cause any kind of pain.

#6 Weight loss

Another important thing to keep in mind when you are having joint pain or knee pain is you should lose weight if you are overweight. Anyone who is having the problem of obesity are more likely to be affected by knee pain. You can maintain a healthy diet that can help in reduction of your weight and hence you can stay away from future problems.

#7 Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient and a Chinese form of exercise that is related to both body and mind. This kind of exercises will improve both flexibility and balance. This will in turn help in reducing pain and also improving movement of the affected knee.

#8 Cold and Heat Therapy

Using a heating pad for knee pain is a great way to get rid of pain. Along with that you can even try the cold compress or gel cold packs. These packs will reduce swelling and also pain. You should keep altering between cold and hot packs in order to get better relief from pain. If the knee pain is due to some injury, then it is always good to use cold packs more often during the first 24 hours of the injury. Then you can get started with both hot and cold packs.

#9 Pain Medication

Many doctors suggest that the pain killers are not safe, but that is not completely true. You should take pain killers when the pain is too high or unbearable. There is one important point that you need to keep in mind when you are taking pain killers and that you should not take them in excess. You should take only as long as the doctor suggested you to use them. You can continue their use post the prescription period. You should be able to overcome moderate to mild pain with the help of the tips listed above.

Overall, using a knee heating pad is a good way to get rid of knee pain. There are a number of options available in the market today and they are also available at a very affordable price. You can even check them online and there are a number of stores that sell them. You can use them at home without help from anyone or visiting a doctor whenever you are having pain. If you are unable to get any kind of relief from pain, then it is always good to consult a doctor before it gets worse. Your doctor may suggest you medicine or surgery based on the condition and requirements. Knee pain is common as long as it is due to short term problems.

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