How to Do Neck Traction at Home – [Complete Guide]

Do you want Instant Relief from Neck Pain?

neck tractionHere is one method called “Cervical Traction” or “Neck Traction”, which can cure your neck pain in minutes. Cervical traction is special method which does not require any surgery or drug. Using some tools, you can cure your pain of neck, or of neck arthritis, neck stains, and neck muscle spasms.

If your doctor is allowing you to do neck traction, you can do it without any physical therapist’s guidance. It’s too easy to do, and much effective as well as safe too. Just use our guide and you can do this method at home too.

The only requirement is you need one any of the below mentioned home neck traction units to do it. Just a traction unit needed and you can do it as per our guide.

Top 5 Best Neck Traction Device

Now check our guide will tell how exactly you can do neck traction at home and how it helps in relieving pain of your neck.

How the Neck Traction does give you relief from neck pain?

Well, its a therapist method which you need to do via neck stretcher. The units used for cervical traction are work as neck stretcher but every unit stretch it differently. So, your neck muscles get stretched and your nerves released.

As mentioned above, the tools used in this method place tension on your head and pull it upward and make it away from your neck a little bit. Most of the units use the pull up of neck from vertebrae of the spine and widen the space between vertebrae.

Our own experience suggests that none of the any other method gives much relief from neck pain as fast as neck traction. Only thing is if you have any neck surgery, you should avoid it.

The units used for stretch does not use much power, it gently stretch your spine vertebrae and muscles. So, after doing this, you will feel the change, how dramatically your neck pain will be removed, that too without doing any meditation.

How to use neck traction units at home?

It depends on which device you buy for yourself. There are many devices available in market from $35 to $320 and many more. We have provided guide on how to use popular device at home and reduce your pain. Do check out detail guide, as mentioned below.

#1 ChiSoft Device – Best Air Neck Traction Devices

chisoft deviceIt uses air pressure to stretch your neck. You need to wear it like you’re traveling pillow, and use the pump to inflate air in the device, just like blood pressure device.

As the air filled in the device, it gets bigger and increases the space between neck and vertebrae. It simply pushes down your shoulder and lift up your neck gently.

You can use the pump to set the desire level of pressure, and just like your blood pressure device, you can increase/decrease the air level. You can use this device at home, while traveling, while driving, anywhere.


It doesn’t require much guide; you can start using it from day one. No assembling or any other things require attaching. Its mobile and very light weight, carrying it anywhere is not a big issue. You can read the reviews on Amazon where 390+ people has shared their reviews.


The Air Neck Traction Device is not durable. Since there are many chance that air leakage. And once the air leakage is done, it is no use of yours. Many customers have complained that it gets useless in 5-6 usage only.

If you want long durable and equally effective, you can check other device as well.

#2 NeckPro II Device – Best Over the Door Neck Traction

NeckPro II DeviceIts like physically lifting up your neck with little more pressure. Using over the Door device, you have to attach the device on any of your home door. Yes, it does require bit assembling before you use it.

But you will do everything to get rid of your neck pain, right?

It works like you attach the device on the door and wears the straps of the device around your neck; it has two straps, one behind your head and one at your chin.

After wearing the straps, you need to stretch your neck, for that you can use water bag or any cord which you can pull down. Water bags are not easy to control, so we recommended you to use cord, which you can easily control by yourself.


Just seat in any chair comfortably and set the device on any solid device. You can easily use this device as easy as air traction device. Even you can use this while watching tv or reading.

Also, its quite durable, nothing happen to device for years if you use it wisely and correctly.


It is not portable, once you fit it any door, you need to use it with that door only (or you need to assemble again to any other door).

You will not get familiar with this device in one use; it takes good enough time to set the right stretch.

Read here the Review of T.Church who removed neck pain using Neck Pro II Device.

#3 ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit – Best Posture Pump

ComforTrac Cervical TractionPosture pumps are most light weight and compact device which you can use to cure your neck pain. No doubt, its more expensive but its one time buy in lifetime. You can use it for years without any maintenance.

It is expensive and high quality product. It uses some heavy duty parts which matches the medical standards.

Just use the sleeping posture and put your head in posture pump. It does not require any assembling, you can use it anywhere.

It uses same process which you have seen in clinic (even most of the clinic use posture pump), we are using almost same quality of treatment with this device.

It provides very strong traction and defiantly cure your neck pain in 2-3 uses. It uses the expensive material, to make it durable and light weight at same time.


Easy to use, portable, light weight and durable. No need to assemble it with door or no chance of air leakage, Just lie down and start using it. Also, it does not pull down your shoulder nor give any pressure on jaw. Its most safest way to do cervical traction at home.


It is Expensive in comparison to other neck traction units. But the device is worth of your money.

Apart from that, you need to lie down every time to use it. So, it needs more room. But overall its good device, we can recommend. You can read more customer reviews on Amazon.

Neck Traction at Night

If you’re getting neck pain while sleeping or especially while sleeping any special posture, you can try cervical traction pillow which can provide good relief from neck pain as well. Many of the users have recommended using neck pillow which help them to get quick relief from neck pain while sleeping.

WARNING: Read this Before Doing Cervical traction at Home

No doubt, cervical traction can cure your neck pain and doing it is very safe. But we DO NOT recommended doing it without doctor’s approval.

If your doctor is recommended to do neck exercise, you can do neck traction. Also, if you are gone through any neck surgery, you should NOT use any traction device, it might harm you.

While applying this method, you need to be very careful while applying pressure. Do NOT overdo traction, use as much pressure as you can bear and gently increase the pressure after 1-2 uses.

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