Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and Hip

Back pains are common as anything. They disturb your day to day life and fill you with the sense of uneasiness and discomfort. If you are suffering from constant disc, back or hip pain, you would have tried uncountable methods to get relief from it. Nothing can be compared to the comfort; this powerful smart relief can provide you.

Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and HipAs per Icy hot smart relief reviews, it is a portable device that can provide a temporary relief in your back or hip pains. It works on the popular, convenient to use TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. The FDA approved device can help you to relieve pain even in chronic diseases like arthritis.

The working of TENS technology is quite interesting. It sends gentle electrical pulses along with the nerves to the brain and blocks the pain signals send by the body. These electrical signals reach the brain before the pain signals do.

Read on to know more about the construction and details of this product.

Specifications of Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and Hip

No doctor needed: You can use this technology by yourself and do not need the help of any doctor. The device is reusable and easy to store as well.

Easy to use: Smart relief icy pack is safe to use and it does not have any wires. You just need to snap it on the adhesive tape and can stick to the pain prone area after turning it on. There is one button to turn it or off and another to adjust its intensity so that you could not confuse. If you are using it on your back and cannot see it, use the buttons smartly.

63 intensities: The product is customizable and you can use it with 63 different intensity levels. According to icy hot tens unit reviews only a few TENS devices offer this much liberty. But same thing again, if you are using it on your back you need some degree of guesswork.

Size of the icy pack: This wireless tens unit will definitely stun you. The size of the smart relief icy pack is literally smaller than a credit card and it weighs less than an ounce. One of the smallest TENS unit, icy pack smart relief is innately portable. Whatever you are doing through your day, you can easily wear it. You can wear it even while you are exercising. Its exact dimensions are 2.51 x 1.49 x 0.51 inches.

Battery: The device works on a single and small 3V CR2032 battery. The battery is included in the box when you buy the wireless tens unit. Because the unit is wireless, its battery cannot be plugged in and charged again. The battery is short-lived and last for around 2 hours. Replacing battery every two hours can be quite expensive. Apart this, the device is available at very economical price.

Starter Kit: the starter kit of Icy hot smart relief device includes a TENS unit, two electronic pads, a 3 V battery and a user manual.

Warranty: There is no as warranty on the product as such. You would have to contact icy hot team directly. You may be able to get refund but it will be based on some certain requirements and conditions.


Just use the smart relief portable device and forget about the pain. We hope this icy hot smart relief review has clear all your doubts. For more back pain relief updates, keep visiting Back Pain Solute.

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