Far Infrared Vs Electric Heating Pads – Which is Better?

Heating pads are no less than blessings when it comes to back pains. Recovering from dramatic back pain without medication seems very difficult but heating pads have made this thing possible.

Both infrared and electric heating pads are commonly used but there are some major differences among the two. We usually face queries like which one among the two is more expensive or which one provides more heat and which lasts longer?

Far Infrared Vs Electric Heating Pads

Far Infrared Vs Electric Heating PadsRead on to know more about the differences among the two types of heating pads so that you can make the best choice.

Heat penetration

The heating pads that you can buy from nearby pharmacies are usually electrical in nature. Electric heating pad heats your skin only. They cannot penetrate for than 2 or 3 mm. The warmth of the electrical heating pad stays up to your skin only and does not reach within your body. And because the heat does not reach your tissues or internal organs, the pain bounce back right at the moment you shut it off.

On the other hand, infrared heating pads convert light energy into heat energy and it penetrates deep into your skin. Deep penetration of infrared rays into your tissues and organs not only relieves pain but increases your blood circulation as well. This increased blood circulation aids in the faster healing of damaged muscles. There is one more benefit of using infrared heating pads. If used for 30 minutes, infrared heating pads assure pain relief for continuous 6 hours.

Heating elements

Electric heating pads use cotton fibers for heating purpose. On the other side, infrared heating pads use cotton fibers along with jade stones, amethyst stones and tourmaline stones. Jade stones perform the function of transmitting infrared waves to our muscles, nerves and bones through our skin.

EMF Radiation

Electric heating pads emit high radiations as compared to infrared waves. They create an electromagnetic field (EMF) apart from producing heat. EMF radiations can be harmful for human body.

Infrared waves are one of the major parts of sun’s visible spectrum range. We cannot see them but can only feel the heat produced by them. These rays are totally different from UV rays and are totally safe for living beings. Infrared rays are so safe that doctors use them in neo natal units for producing heat. The heat produced by infrared rays never causes any kind of skin burn or rashes.

Miscellaneous: Where electrical heating pads helps you to relieve your pain on a temporary basis, the list of benefits from far infrared heating pads in quite long. Let us have a look at them

  1. Far infrared rays provide long-lasting relief from pain.
  2. It helps in reducing arthritis pain.
  3. It increases blood circulation which in turn cleanses your body and aids in healing.
  4. Increased blood circulation detoxifies your body.
  5. It helps in improving your range of motion.

On the whole, it relieves your pain, relaxes your body and helps in reducing stress as well.

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