[Study] 1 in 4 American Workers Struggles With Back Pain

Many eminent medicos researched and reported their complete study on back pain. But, still, no permanent cure was found. Though medicines, surgeries help in treating back pain, it extends up to a point. Again, the pain starts in many.

American WorkersChronic lower back pain makes over 40 million American workers to suffer, which was recently researched. In this statistic, about one-third of the people firmly say that pain affects their normalcy. It is a fact that more workers suffer from this pain than the study captured.

A painful moment is that many workers quit or change their jobs due to this excruciating pain. It has been reported that both men and women equally suffer from back pain, and most of them fall between 45-64 years old. One of the principal causes of back pain is reported to be Obesity.

It has been surveyed that workers from groundworks such as cleaning, building maintenance, construction, and other massive works are prone to back pain severely. However, it cannot be stated that all kinds of back pain rise from such extensive works, whereas there are other reasons such as spinal structure, alignment, diseases, etc.

The work environment may worsen back pain in some cases. So, it is difficult to judge whether the work induces the back pain or the back pain is worsened by the environment and the nature of work. Some experts strongly emphasize that the back pain becomes worse by the repeated strenuous physical activity.

When coming to treatment, there are many ways to treat, such as medicines, physiotherapy, etc. Non-opioid painkillers well control pain. In some extreme cases, surgery is recommended.
The employers should consider the back pain employees; make them work in a comfort zone. They have to considerate the patients.

Facts about back pain

  • Worldwide, back pain is a leading cause of disability, preventing many workers from their work and other routines.
  • Experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in time in their life.
  • It affects all ages of people from adolescent to elders.
  • Back pain hospital visitation holds third place after skin and arthritis.
  • Most cases of back pain are mechanical that is the pain is not caused by infection, cancer, or fracture.
  • Though most people with back pain have a recovery, still, recurrence is frequent for a small percentage of people that turns chronic and make them disabled.
  • When we consider non-drug treatment, spinal manipulation is a proven and effective one. It reduces pain gradually, sometimes decreases the medication need, and advances physical therapy fast.

Tips to prevent backache

  • Always maintain a healthy weight and diet.
  • Stay active.
  • Sit and sleep in a proper posture.
  • Avoid prolonged bed rest.
  • Do warm-up exercises.
  • Sleep on a medium firm mattress.
  • Do not lift the object directly. Bend your knees and waist then do it.

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