The #5 Best Shiatsu Neck Massage Pillows 2019

Neck pain is an irritating problem for many people and they keep on searching for its solution to get a relief and perform their day-to-day work easily and effortlessly. If you are also a neck pain sufferer, then you might have heard about Shiatsu neck massage. It is a great, effective, and budget-friendly way to provide a great relief to sore neck muscles. It is also helpful in preventing tension headaches irrespective of your location.

A large number of neck massaging pillows are available in the market today. You can found out vibrating and kneading massagers, accompanied by heat and without heat. So, it’s natural to get confused among various options and find out the best solution for you. However, you can get a great solution at an affordable price. Four types of neck massager pillows are there and each and every option can give immediate relief in neck pain and relief in any place like home, workplace, or car.

Neck massage pillows are very much versatile in nature and you can use it any boy parts like your arms, calves, shoulders, legs etc. The most popular four types of pillows are Vibrating cervical massage pillows, combined pillows, Shiatsu neck massage pillows, and Neck massage pillows with heat.

More and more people are choosing Shiatsu neck massage pillows because of their great features. This great pillow provides kneading massage, accompanied by the massage in both outward and inward motion.

If you have become a sufferer of knots, muscle spasms, stiff or tight muscles, and neck tension headaches, then you can get great benefits from such affordable pillows. These pillows would be a great companion of such sufferers. Thus, you can also save yourself from a heavy investment (masseuse or chiropractor visits).

#1 Homedics SP-100H 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat

The dimension, weight, power, and massage nodes of this specific Shiatsu neck massage pillow are 13.8 x 5.1 x 10.4 inches, 4.2 pounds, 120V, 60Hz, 25W, and 4 respectively.

HoMedics, 3D ShiatsuThe Homedics well-made neck massage pillow features incredible attributes and the most important one is vibrating massage. However, you can also make use of the Shiatsu option without the feature of vibration or hear, as per your convenience.

The nodules of this particular pillow move in a circular motion that can roll up and down with each and every rotation. This incredible pillow can be easily placed in several places on your neck as well as shoulders in order to release muscle tension that is one of the root causes of neck pain along with headaches.

It is a lightweight pillow and you can easily carry it around and it can also be used on any part of one’s body apart from the neck. In case you don’t want to utilize the heat feature, so it’s a good news for you that the SP-105H has come with without heat but with a feature of a flap for covering the massage mechanism for the comfort for its users.

Homedics SP-100H 3D is significantly durable, versatile, and lightweight. It has come with a 1-year warranty. You can also use Shiatsu massage option separately. It can also be used in the office, as it’s not loud. Its heat can reach up to the temperature of 108 degrees F.

#2 Zyllion ZMA-13 Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Zyllion ZMA-13 ShiatsuThe dimensions, weight, power, and massage nodes of this particular pillow are 13 x 2.4 x 9.5 inches, 3.5 pounds, both 110-120V & 220-240V, and 4 respectively.

You can use this incredible neck as well as compact neck massage pillow anywhere like your home, car, or office. This beautifully-designed pillow has come with an incredibly powerful deep-kneading Shiatsu massage that features four nodes, changing direction every minute. It has also come with a heating functionality that can be easily turned on and turned off.

It has also come with a vibrating massage, flexible handle straps, and a car adaptor. You can expect to get a great relief.

#3 Naipo Neck and Back Massager Massage Pillow Shiatsu Kneading with Heat

Naipo Neck and Back Massager Massage PillowThis Naipo pillow has come with 30-day money back guarantee, car adapter, firm kneading, powerful motor, incredible customer service, and various other features. It offers great customer service as well. This particular pillow has excellent user ratings on Amazon.

#4 Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with 8 Rollers and Heat

Gideon Shiatsu Deep PillowThe Gideon Shiatsu is regarded among the highest-rated pillows on Amazon and it features multiple Shiatsu massage nodes, a car adapter, a warranty, an affordable price tag. This particular pillow hosts 4 balls, where two balls are a little bit of smaller, as compared to the others so that they can be easily rotated. Thus, the users can obtain a soft touch.

#5 Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

Nekteck Shiatsu DeepThe Nekteck heat massage pillow is comparatively costly, however, it is featured with the highest rated neck as well as shoulder massage pillow on Amazon at present times. This particular pillow is very lightweight and very much comfortable.

By using the weight of your hands, you can easily control the massage intensity. The Nekteck heat massage pillow hosts 8 springy and soft massage head, accompanied by the built-in heating function. Its massage facility is very much powerful.

This particular pillow is featured with direction and speed control. The users can also direct the particular massager clockwise or counter-clockwise, according to your preference. It also features three-speed levels.

The Nekteck heat massage pillow has come with great design (designed with authentic leather), 8 massage nodes, 18-months warranty, intensity control (with the utilization of the strap), overheat protection, and so on.

Don’t tolerate neck pain any longer, as you don’t need to do that. Pick the most suitable Shiatsu neck massage pillow and have a great relief from the unwanted neck pain.

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