Top 5 Best Inversion Table Reviews for Back Pain Relief of 2019

best intersion tableIf you are looking for best buying guide for inversion table for Back pain relief, you are at right site. Back pain is something which you can’t get over it easily. The only thing you can get rid of back pain is keep trying and Never Give Up.

Using Inversion Table, one can get much relief from back pain easily and it’s quite effective too. Here we are presenting a very well researched buying guide for inversion table/chair. We have chosen these tables based on their performance, durability, safety features, comfort, and price.

What are Inversion Table and What Features it must have?

If you are buying inversion table for the first time, let me tell you it’s a unique way to cure your back pain, where you are going to upside down, with your legs tied/locked from ankle and your back & muscles get starched with your body weight, thanks to gravity.

You can see on the above picture, how it is done. Some of you might be thinking that it’s quite difficult, it’s quite risky. No, not at all, all these kind of table making manufacturer gives more focus on safety of users, they take care of all safety features. And we have shortlisted those tables only which have maximum safety features.

Since you know, Inversion tables are bit expensive than other back pain relief products, it’s quite important to choose best product which gives best performance, last longer and gives best safety. Do check out below mentioned points before you buy it.

  • inversion table featureSafety: – The table you are buying is should be strong enough to hold you upside down while you use it. It must be strong enough to hold your weight against gravity. Also, since your legs will be locked, you need to check what kind of lock your table is having. For example, Teeter EP-960 has 3 way ankle lock which perfectly lock your legs and at the same time gives you comfort too.
  • Comfort: – Safety + Comfort is much needed. Imagine you are inverted but at the same time your legs are having pressure. How can one relax muscles? So, it’s quite important that you feel comfortable while using gravity table.
  • Durability: – As we mentioned earlier, the cost of inversion table is bit higher, so it’s quite important that they are made of high quality materials, which can last for years without any maintenance.
  • Assembling: – Always choose the table which fits easily and in short time. There is no meaning of assembling table for 3-4 hrs and use it for 30 mins. There are some manufactures like Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 who gives DVD guide for assembling. Using that guide you can assemble your table in 25 – 30 minutes only.
  • Price: – Price is big factor. Making a best inversion table requires good sturdy, safe, high quality material, durable and long lasting thing, for which you need to pay high. Cost cutting always leads to reduction of quality in manufacturing product.

These are the points you must keep in mind while buying inversion table. Though, we have chosen those tables only which fits in above criteria only. Do check the short reviews.

Our Inversion Table Reviews for Popular Tables

#1 teeter Inversion Table (EP-960) with Back Pain Relief DVD

teeter Inversion Table (EP-960) Its always good to have video guide for doing anything. Teeter EP 960 hangs up have Free DVD which will guide you from assembling to how to use it and also give some back pain relief tips too.

For giving maximum safety and comfortness, it uses ComforTrak bed feature which gives perfect shape to your back and increase spinal comfort which enhance joint mobilization. The lock at the down is quite strong, which not easily goes to slip you. Its two way lock, which grip you from two sides with soft punch.

You can use pre-set angles like 20-40-60 degree using pre-set Rotation control, which is great benefit of inversion table. The handles are also nice, easy to hold, which works perfectly. It’s perfect gravity table for stretch, decompress, invert and release back pain. It will surely improve your joints and spine health.

It is also well priced, available at under $400 price on Amazon. Teeter is known for using high quality material and long durable products.

Do read 267+ Genuine Feedback on Amazon.

#2 Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Ironman IFT 4000Do you know infrared heat can be used for quite back pain relief. Apart from using best infrared heating pads, you can use infrared therapy in inversion table as well.

Using infrared therapy, you can quickly loosen and relax your body muscles, provide good heat directly to your back and decompress your spine. Using this gravity table, you can inverts up to 180 degrees and holds up to 350 pounds of weight.

It has got extra strong safety handles, which you can hold up easily for long time. Using this table for 1hr daily, can defiantly improve blood circulation and reduce your back pain.

Apart from infrared, it uses ultra thin carbon fiber, which helps muscles to soothe easily. You can get your spine in right shape instantly.

You must check price of this 2 in 1 product on Amazon, defiantly going to surprise you.


#3 IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

IRONMAN Gravity 4000Out of all good recommendation for inversion table, Gravity 4000 is best among them as it fits in price and features as well.

First of all, despite its low cost, it has good steel quality used. Gravity 4000 is made of PVC, Steel and Foam material. The back cushion is quite high quality, it defiantly help you to reduce tension and increase blood circulation.

This table can hold up to 350 pounds of weight, though it is quite light weight, just 75 pounds of product. You can easily fold and stand it in corner (when not using).

The safety features are also quite good, ankle will be locked with cushion form two side, which help you to inverts up to 180 degree.

It’s perfect table which perform good, gives comfort+ safety at the same time and very low priced.

Do read 2740+ users feedback on Amazon.


#4 Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

Teeter EP-560Teeter’s EP-560 inverse table helps in back pain relief, neck pain and acupressure nodes helps to reduce tension of other body muscles as well. It is one of the most high rated product on Amazon.

The extra acupressure nodes are some unique feature which you will miss in any other table. Defiantly, it holds up other features like safety, comfort and high performance is available already.

And Teeter gives 5 years of warranty on this product as well. So, hustle free usage and no maintenance for next 5 years for sure.  Like teeter EP-960, it has extra safety features and high quality material used to manufacture this product.

You will get back pain relief kit with this product and a DVD which you can use to learn how to use Inversion table and some tips to reduce back pain.

Do read more than 1000+ genuine user feedback’s on Amazon.


#5 Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

Exerpeutic Inversion TableThe most cheap price inversion table with high rate feedback on Amazon, Exerpeutic’s gravity table is most basic kind of table. You can do all basic inverse exercise.

It uses Foam rollers at legs where you need to lock your legs and hold it from ankles. On safety side, we don’t recommend you to use this. Only if you are experienced user of inversion table, you can try this. For the first time user it will be quite tough.

You can easily work as face – down position but not for long time. As the Ankle Locking System is not so good which not good to hold for longer. Also, the back cushions also not of good quality and has no support for lower back. So, it will not be so comfortable for one whom using for first time.

Do read 988+ Genuine Feedback on Amazon.



We have provided reviews of Top 5 Best Inversion Table which provides best safety, back support, comfort, comes from good brand, which holds good enough weight and doesn’t reduce quality of product with fewer prices.

Our editor has recommended you to go for Teeter EP-960 which comes with all good features and price as well. Though, you can also check other product as well which fits in your requirements.  After all Back pain relief is the main goal.

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