Which is the Best Infrared Handheld Massager?

Massage helps in relaxing the muscles of the body and also will help in treating many kinds of pains. It is not just a treatment for your body, but also a treatment for your mind. When your body is totally relaxed with a massage, you will also feel stress free mentally.  If you do not get time to go out for a massage or if you think that a massage is too expensive at the spa, then you can get an infrared massager home. You can buy it from any online store and use it without any kind of problems.

The rays from the infrared handheld massager will penetrate deep into the body like into the bones, muscles and tissues and will help you get relief from pain. These infrared Massagers are very helpful and also provide you a number of health benefits as well. But when you are buying an infrared massager, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right one.

How to Choose the Best Infrared Handheld Massager?

Here are some tips for choosing the best body massager;


When you are looking for the most effective massagers for home usage, you need to pick the Percussion massager only. Only the Percussion massagers will have the hammers which are capable of sending vibrations into the body. Other massagers do not have that kind of features.


The weight of the handheld back massager will not always be lightweight as it should be build to penetrate deep and also should be durable. But you should not go for too heavy ones as well. It can get difficult for you to handle it while using.


Most of the time, the infrared heat massager come with 12 hours running time, which is a good time for sure. Check out the battery capacity also before you buy, so that it is going to be easy for you to charge and use as it.


You will have to make sure that the massager is easy to handle and you should be able to reach places you wish to. A handle which has a curve will be able to reach all the places in the body.

One person or two person

If it is a two person, then it is a professional massager used at the spa or massage centers where one person holds it and moves it on the body of the other person. But when it comes to person, you will be able to use it yourself without any kind of problem or trouble.

Top 2 Best Infrared Massager 2019

Now that you have some information about the infrared massagers, you should now be able to buy the best one that suits your requirements. If you are still not sure which one to buy, then here is a review on two of the best infrared massagers with heating pads.

#1 Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

You will be able to get relief from fatigue and pain using this deep tissue Percussion Massager. You have a variable speed options, where you will be able to manage the speed from low to intense depending on your requirements. You have four different heads to the massager and you should be using the one that suits your requirements from the four different options provided to you.

This massager does not work on battery, rather it is corded so that you can use it for as long as you wish to. It is very easy to use and also comes with an affordable price tag. This is a one time investment and you need not have to worry about the price as well. Any kind of pain or stress, you can get a massage done on the body.

#2 Kemier ET-01 Physio Deep Tissue Massager

Kemier ET-01 PhysioAnother good option that you can consider in an infrared handheld massagers is Kemier ET-01 Physio Deep Tissue Massager. It works at a speed of 3400 RPM to 6000 RPM. This is also a corded massager which will give you enough time to use it. It also comes with a 1.7 meter long cord which is just enough for you to massage sitting comfortably.

This massager also has a wrist strap which makes it easy for you to reach places that you may not be able to reach with ease like the back. The handle has a good grip and is totally slip free. The dual node feature is also a good feature for those who are looking for a good massage on their back.

Conclusion:- These infrared massagers are good and safe to use as well. You can check the features of the massager before you buy to make sure that it serves the purpose for which you are buying that. You can look for a specific infrared massage like the purpose which has to be served. All these massagers are easily available online and you can buy with ease.

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