The Only 3 Best Infrared Heating Pads in 2019 – Review & Comparison

Warming up muscles of back can give you good relief from back pain. There are many traditional ways are available from which you can get heat on your back but it can cause serious health problem to you. The safest way to do it is use of Infrared Heating Pads. Apart from Infrared pads, we have old electric heating pads too but that again can cause skin problem. Infrared Pads are made of pleasant material, and gives you quick relief from back pain.

Best Infrared Heating PadsThere are many heating pads available in market but you need to choose it carefully because these heating pads are bit costly and needs some expert advice while buying. Since it is related to skin and health issue, here we have infrared heating pad reviews of top 3 products, do check out feature and price comparison of top 3 pads.

thermotex-heating-padUTK Universal Heating Padwelaide 100020
ThermotexUTK Infrared HeatWelAide 100020
Size : Multiple of 3 X 8 inchSize :21 X 31 inchesSize :9 X 15 inch
Available in 3 different SizeFixed SizeFixed Size
NO: Negative IonsYES : Negative ionsYES : Negative ions

We have chosen these pads after getting doctor recommendation, expert physio’s suggestion and bit of user reviews. You must thinking why we are suggesting costly heating pads when we have cheap heating pads, electric heating pads are cheap at price, compared to infrared pads. Well for that do check out our comparison of Electric heating Pads vs Infrared heating pads.

Electric Heating Pads vs. Infrared Heating Pads

Infrared heating pads uses light therapy which creates waves on your muscles and reaches in depth of your muscles & provides heat.

While, Electric heating pads uses coils, which sends high radiation electromagnetic waves, which can cause skin problem and might burn your skin too.

Infrared pads use natural stones like Jade (i.e UTK Healing Jade Mat) which gets heated indirectly by infrared waves and jade delivers the heat on your bones and create warming effect.

This reduces the risk of skin diseases and also warms your bones without any side effect. Infrared Heating pads are costly in compare to electric heating pads but they are quite effective than later one.

Now check out the pros and cons of popular infrared heating pads, price, reviews, size and other features.

#1 Thermotex Infrared Heating pad Reviews

There are two most popular heating pads available in market which heats up via infrared waves, one is Thermotex and another one is Therasge. Therasge is not available in market right now.

Thermotex Heating PadBut no worries, we have got thermotex pads which uses high quality infrared pad and compared to therasge, it is less expensive too.

Thermotex pad are made of hard material, you can’t bent/fold this pad, its made of rigid material. There are some difference between thermotex and therasge heating pads.

One is that thermotex doesn’t have negative ions, importance of ions is measurable from person to person. Another difference is therasge is small in size, while thermotex has larger size and 3 sections that allow you to cover maximum body.

Also, Thermotex heating pads uses carbon fibers instead of jade stones, so if you are buying it for jade stones, you can choose another option.

Its quite easy to use, just put it on your back and start getting heat. Though, you will get user manual along with this product, which you can use.

Apart from features, it is quite effective on pain, many users who have used it said that this pad can reduce their back pain or atlest gives relief for long time.

One of the most cost effective and best alternative of therasge pad, you can chose gold model pad or platinum model, both have price difference.

Size: – comes in multiple of 3 X 8 inch, but there are 3 different sizes are available, gold, professional, large.

Functioning: – You can easily operate the pad with “on”, “off” and check the power control via “high” and “Low”.

Versions: – Comes in 2 different versions, Gold and Platinum. Gold is rigid and smaller while platinum is large and flexible but costly.

Price:- Its good and bit costly, but of high quality item. The price is around $200, do check Amazon for latest price now.

Check here 66+ Real Customer Reviews.

#2 UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat

This is real infrared heating pad. Made of jade stones to heat your body, and have negative ions too. This heating pad is far-infrared heat deliver, which delivers heat via jade stones.

UTK Universal Heating PadCompared to other pads, this is safer, more effective and gives relief for long time. You can get deep penetrating therapeutic heat. You can use this pad on sholder pain, neck, back, knees, legs, feet, arthritis, sciatica and other muscle pain.

Unlike, Thermotex heating pad, its quite flexible, you can easily wrap it on any body part, wherever you are getting pain.

Along with the pad, you will get digital controller, with which time and temperature settings can be done. There are option of auto on-off, and memory function.

This pad is compatible with AC110-120 volts and AC220-240 volt plug, you can easily use it in travel mode too.

Size :- 21 X 31 inches

Watts :- 100 watts

Jade stone: – Total 126 jade stones are there, approx area of stone in pad is 13 X 20 inche.

You can use it anywhere, anytime but not while sleeping, and also not when if you have any kind of implant.

Price :- The price are keep changing for this pad, but mostly it is around $145. You can check latest price on amazon.

Read here 41+ customer reviews.

#3 WelAide 100020 Far Infrared Heated Pad

It is far infrared heating pad with high quality material and jade stone and provides much deeper relief in back pain.

welaide 100020WelAide 100020 is very less priced and has good quality and features. WelAide’s heating pad does not use electric coil to heat up, it uses natural jade and natural elements.

It provide more flexibility, improves the blood flow in your body. It has capacity to reduce tension and stress of your mind in minutes.

Its quite easy to use, just plug it and wrap it around your pain area. It has good size to cover and provides relief for much longer time.

It is available in 9 X 15 inches of size. That’s actually jade stone area on pad, while you can expect 1 extra inch of size on each side, of this pad.

This pad also provides negative ion, which helps your body to get extra electron. If you want to experience negative ion feeling, you can experience it at mountains or at waterfalls.

Negative ions helps in reducing stress, depression, and boost your body energy. Also, it can improve your immune system too. Welaide 100020 and UKT Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat have negative ions.

It has digital controller from which you can set timer and control the temperature of heating pad. Also, you can use this pad while sleeping, just turn on the sleep mode.

Price: – This infrared heating pad is one of the less priced pad with almost all features. You can check the latest price on amazon here (Discount).

Final words: – Well, its quite difficult to get rid of back pain, but some relief is good. Getting long time relief from back pain can give you proper seating, walking, you can easily bent down and do all your work properly.

Using above mentioned pads, you can get relief from back pain with in 30 mins. Many of the users have said this, whoever had back pain. The quick result is the main benefit of using infrared heating pads, as it provides deeper heating using infrared waves.

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