The Only 4 Best Handheld Back Massager of 2019

Pure-Wave CM7We all can’t afford personal massager, its costly as well as time consuming too. The reason many doctors recommend you to go with manual hand massage is because it gives best performance and relief from your back pain. But its not possible to get personal help to get awesome massage.

But now we have percussion massagers which can be handheld and can easily reach on every corner of your back. It always gives deep kneading massage, with heavy massager which gives proper heat.

Do check out high quality, deep tissue and handheld back percussion massagers list below;

Compare:- Top 4 Best Handheld Back Massager of 2018-2019

You can compare them above with mentioned features and price as well. We recommended you to go with electric massager which has long handle, so you can get perfect massage by yourself. Without any support, you can massage your back.

We have researched, used users reviews and other ratings and shortlisted best back massager which can be affordable, has high features and available online. But how to select best percussion massagers, do check out our guide.

How to select best handheld back massager?

Below are some points you need to check before you buy back massager, do check out.

Weight of massager: – Well, you might think that light weight massager is good, yes it is. Light weight massagers are easy to handle and reach sore spots. But, if you have a heavy weight massager, it can gives you put more pressure on muscles and gives you more relief.

Its totally up to you to buy heavy weight or light weight product. Pure-Wave CM7 is most light weight massager you can ever receive.

Handle Length: – if you have massager with short hand, you will find difficulty to reach deep sore spots on your back but if you have long handle massager, you can easily reach out. HoMedics HHP-350 has longest handle.

Cord vs battery: – Battery products are good as you can use them anywhere, but electric massager with long cord is better. I tell you why, because long card can help you to use it from longest distance from plug, second, it gives you freedom from the changing battery again and again.

But, make sure you buy long cord massager, like TheraRUB massager, which has 14 ft long cord.

Heat Option: – if your massager has heat option, it good. Heat elements help to relax your muscles easily and more smoothly.

Noise: – Though, some massager makes noise, but makes sure you it has bearable noise. Horrible noise or loud noise massager gives bad experience and not give feel to reuse.

Speed settings: – if your handheld massager has proper speed settings, you can increase/decrease speed by buttons and get more relief as you want. Wahl 4120-200 has 2 speed settings, which is perfect for body massage.

Almost all back massagers are easy to operate, not needed much guide and can give you much relief from back pain. Do check out reviews of best back percussion massager (handheld);

Top 4 only Best Back Percussion Massager

After much research and taking into account the users of this massager, we have shortlisted below 4 back massager with hand handle. Almost all massager are under $50 price, I am sure you can afford that much for your back pain, take a look.

#1 Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager Body

Pure-Wave CM7There are many good massagers with cord but this is the only massager (handheld) which runs on battery and it’s multipurpose. You can use this massager for facial, foot, legs, neck, back and shoulder massage; its perfect full body massage handheld massager.

Its cordless and has powerful rechargeable battery, which can runs for 120 minutes non-stop on single charge. And at the same time it has high speed massage capacity as well. It can give you up to 3700 RPM of speed while the micro vibration can run up to 10,000 RPM.

It is light weight massager, just of 1.5 lbs. It has normal noise, quite bearable and as most of massager. It comes with 5 different knobs which you can use it for different massages. It has got speed dial as well, from where you can increase/decrease speeds. Do check out 1176+ user’s reviews on amazon.

#2 HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

HoMedics HHP-350If you want massager only for back and want a powerful heavy weight massager, you can try HoMedics HHP 350. It has long handle with long cord to help you to reach every dead points on your back. It is super designed massager with powerful performance.

Though, sometime you don’t like to carry cord everywhere, you will miss your cordless massager. And if you are looking for light weight massager, this will disappoint big time. Also, the ergonomic handle given with the massager is of low quality, you need to handle it with care. It can break upon if fallen from heights.

It has 2.5 lbs of weight and 3-4ft of cord with it. It gives input of 120vac 60hz 20w, with 2 pivot massage points, and this much power, this heavy weight massager will give you feel of manual hand massage for sure. It has 3 different attachments, firm, gentle massage and heat massage. It has speed controls, which give you good massage at different speed level.

Do read 1511+ user reviews on amazon and pros/cons.

#3 TheraRUB Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

TheraRUB If you have complaint of having short cord with every massager, try TheraRub electric massager, which has 14ft long power cord. The longest cord in this category and comes with advance options as well. TheraRub has given 3 different heads for different massages, which you can use it for different purpose.

It uses 110-120 volts and gives 60 Hz of power. Its powerful massager and heavy weight too. Some users even complained about its weight and also questioned that some of the heads does not fit perfectly. And at the noise level, it is not much quite but also makes minimum noise which is expected from every massager.

It does not have heat option as well, but gives 3260 rotation per minute (good speed). Expert advises to use it for daily 10 minutes and in few months you can completely get rid of back pain. Do read 680+ reviews on amazon.

#4 Wahl 4120-200 Powerful Therapeutic Massager

Wahl 4120-200If you are looking for more massage experience, and more speed option, you can try this back massager. It has short handle but enough to hold it. Since, it is light weight, you can easily handle it as it is only 2.2 lbs of weight.

It has got ergonomic design, which comes with 7 different massage attachments. You can increase/decrease speed with 2 speed option as well. It helps to increase blood circulation and relieve pain and fatigue.

Though, some users said that light weight massager does not help in getting deep muscle massage and to give more pressure. It is well built, sturdy and heavy duty massager with affordable price. It makes soft humming noise, which acceptable and has long enough cord too. Do read 483+ users review on Amazon.

Conclusion: – Well, almost all massager which are mentioned above has its own speciality. They are heavy weight, study and high quality built.  We have listed all massager are under $50 price, with all special features.

We have listed battery operated as well as long cord hand held massager as well. So, you can choose the best one, whichever suits you the most. We have saw you 4 the only best back massager, but you can go with either Pure-Wave CM7 (if you want facial + body + back massager) or HoMedics HHP-350, which is perfect back massager with long cord and handle.

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