Top 5 Best Cervical Traction Pillow for Neck Pain

If you are suffering from neck pain, a good and high quality cervical traction pillow can reduce your neck pain and give you pain free sleep and life.

While on our research, we found that if you try to sleep with cervical support pillow which is specially designed for people who have neck pain, they can reduce their neck pain easily.

  • Do you have military neck problem?
  • Do you have herniated cervical disc?
  • Do you have neck athirst problem?
  • Or do you have any neck pain or neck problem?

If yes, here we have come up with solution for your problem. If you sleep with below mentioned best cervical traction pillow, you can reduce or completely get rid of neck pain in few days.

Can you imagine that you don’t have Neck Pain anymore?

After getting rid of the neck pain, you can have;

  • Neck pain free sleeps at night. You don’t need to move your neck carefully, like normal people; you can have pain free sleeps.
  • You can freely stretch and relieve your shoulders. No more careful move of shoulder.
  • You can look back normally, without paid, straight like normal people.

So, if you want all these things to done, you need to buy a good cervical support pillow, which will help you to get rid of the neck pain completely.Do check out Comparison table of features of top 5 cervical traction pillow;

Below is guide on how to choose the best cervical pillow, check out our guide on how to choose the best pillow for neck pain.

How to choose Best Cervical Traction Pillow for neck pain?

To choose the best pillow for neck pain, we considered below mentioned important features, which should be checked while buying cervical pillow.

Best Cervical Traction PillowShape

Shape of pillow is most important, after all shape of your cervical support pillow will help you in getting rid of neck pain.

Pillow for neck pain comes in different shapes, like V shape, contour pillow, trapeze centered pillow. Shape of the pillow will support your upper back.

Choose the shape you like the most and give you comfortable feeling. Most of pillow will be good and comfortable, only side slippers will have issue with neck support pillow.

If you are side sleepers, make sure you get pillow which does not allow slipping your neck back to center. Arc4life Cervical Linear pillow is good for side slipper.


After choosing the shape, you need to carefully choose the size of your pillow for neck pain. Since, size will define the perfect body posture and help you to reduce neck pain easily.

Cervical Traction Pillow comes in mainly 3 different size, small/medium/large or extra large. Choose the size which defines the distance between your shoulder and head. Mostly, Medium size pillow comforts most of adults with average height.


Since you are buying it for neck pain, you must be using this pillow till you completely get rid of your neck pain. In that case, you need to choose pillow which is highly durable.

High durable and minimum dense in pillow is good for you. You are not going to buy pillow for neck pain daily, so choose pillow with high durability.

There are some cervical pillow, i.e Therapeutica sleeping pillow, which gives 5 years of warranty on product, which is highly durable and resilience.

Material of Pillow

Materials like polyester fiber, foam, memory foam are quite popular in making cervical support pillow. We recommended you to go with memory foam material pillow as it will get warm while you sleep, your head will be properly adjusted in this pillow.

Arc4life cervical linear traction pillow is made of polyester fabric material while Therapeutica sleeping pillow is made of foam.

These are the points you need to take care while buying best cervical pillow for neck pain. Now check out the review of the Top 5 Neck Traction Pillow for Neck Pain.

Top 5 Best Neck Traction Pillow for Neck Pain

After doing bit research on price, material, size and shape, we have short listed top 5 best pillow for neck pain, do check out reviews of cervical pillow with pros and cons of it.

#1  Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows

One of the best pillow with perfect size and shape. As you can see in the below image, Therapeutica pillow has combination of two different pillow in one, it specially designed to remove your neck pain totally. As you can see, your head and neck will be fit perfectly in this pillow, it is comfortable for sleeping in centre or for side sleepers too.

Therapeutica Sleeping PillowsThe center tongue of the pillow will support your neck and shoulder blades perfectly. Also, the unique feature of Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows is that it has wage extension, so you don’t need to worry about your upper back while sleeping.

Material Used: – This is foam pillow, if you are side sleeper, you must go with foam pillow, as memory foam pillow will not be comfortable for you, as it may sink your head.

Durable: – it comes with 5 year warranty, you can claim it back if the material or shape disappear.

Size: – Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows available in 4 different sizes, Medium, large adult, X-Large, and child with custom fit.

Side Sleeping: – if you are side sleeper, then Therapeutica pillow is best pillow for side sleeper. The side wings and center tongue of the pillow will keep your head on side and will not tilt forward or slip your head back to center while sleeping.

Weight: – The pillow weight is around 1 pound, quite easy to carry.

Price :- This pillow is available at around $ 70-80 on amazon (as of now), but its totally worth of your money since you are getting 5 year warranty and they accepts the return too.

Pros and Cons of Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows

If you are person with reverse cervical curve, you might be difficult to use this pillow. Or if you are person with immobile neck, it will be bit difficult for them to use this pillow.

But for everyone else, its perfect pillow, its very comfortable for side sleepers, also it won’t take much time to get used to this pillow, its more comfortable than your current pillow for sure. And it will reduce your neck pain for sure.

This page on Amazon has more details about Size, Shape, Warranty on Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows, Check it now.

#2 Tri-Core Pillow with #200 standard support

One of the pillow with unique design and recommended by medical professionals as well. The trapezoid shape center of this pillow will support your spine with giving proper alignment and it delivers great orthopaedic benefits as well. One of the best thing about this pillow is the Low price, it is one of the cheap price pillow in market for neck pain.

Tri-Core PillowMaterial Used: – The Tri-core pillow is made of fiber and Cotton.

Size: – This pillow is available in small, medium and large size. Medium size comes with 15*22 size which is quite comfortable.

Pillow cover :- you need to get extra pillow cover, or you can use the regular cover as pillow cover is not provided with this pillow.

Dimension: – this pillow is 3 inch deep, 5 inch across the indentation; the narrow side is less deeper. 24 x 16 x 3 inches is its perfect dimension.

Weight: – 1.2 pound is weight of this pillow.

Price :-  As mentioned above, its one of the most cheapest pillow for neck pain, almost half the price of Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows or any other neck pain pillow. Check out Latest Price here.

Pros and Cons of Tri-Core Pillow

It delivers as what medical professionals recommended, its quite comfortable for everyone, even side sleepers can also use it.

But in starting few days, it might take times of 2-3 usage to get comfortable with this pillow, but after that, you won’t have any issue for sure. Read real User Reviews on Amazon.

#3 Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Arc4life cervical traction pillow is uniquely designed pillow with V-Shape in neck, which lifts your head away from your shoulders, check out below image.

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck PillowThis pillow is made of polyester fiber, and it gives perfect shape. The neck roll of this pillow supports your neck. Its good pillow for side sleepers as well, as this pillow has side wings which supports your head at right height and relieve strain from your neck and shoulder.

Material used: – In this pillow, polyester fiber material is used.

Size: – This pillow is available in large, medium, small sizes.

Pillow cover: – No pillow cover will provided with this pillow.

Weight: – This pillow is made of with hand stuffing, so the weight may vary from different size. Approx weight of this pillow is 1.5 pounds.

Price :- This pillow is bit over priced,  the small size of the this pillow is available at around $60 (as of now), do check here latest price.

Pros and Cons of Arc4life Cervical neck pillow

Its very comfortable due to its size and shape. If you are sleeping on your back, its perfect for you. Even side sleepers can use it comfortably.

From User Reviews on Amazon and our research, we found that Arc4life pillow lose its shape within 12 months, also Arc4life doesn’t provide any warranty. And its overpriced, more than the price of Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows.

#4 Chiropractic Cervical Contour Pillow

This pillow is specially designed by Dr. Jarret Grunstein, for his patients of neck pain. Its quite big and fluffy and have flat design on the center. The surrounding of this pillow is very good, its gives comfort very well.

Chiropractic Cervical Contour PillowThe design of this pillow perfectly aligns your neck and head, also lift up your neck from shoulders. Its has unique design of 3 different pillow in one, even side sleepers can use it too.

Material used:- 100% cotton and fiber.

Size :- This pillow is available in standard, jumbo and queen size.

Pillow cover:- You will get cotton cover for this pillow along with the carry bag.

Weight: – The standard weight of this pillow is 2 pounds, with size of 20*28 inches and this pillow is machine washable too.

Price: – The latest price on Amazon of this pillow is approx $49, but it may vary from size to size. And this is almost at same price of Tri-Core Cervical Pillow.

Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Cervical Contour Pillow

It has unique design and designed by Doctor himself, after researching many patients. Its comfortable to use and priced very less.

But the material of this pillow is not good enough. The part you sleep on (for side sleepers) will get flat after some usage.

#5 Therapeutic Design Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow

This pillow is made of memory foam with Heart Shape Therapeutic Design, its perfect and best pillow for side sleepers. It is less priced and gives more comforts.

Therapeutic Bed PillowIt gets warm while you sleep, and gives perfect shape and comfort to you head and neck. Cervical support of this pillow supports neck and gives more orthopaedic benefits.

It has Revolutionary Unique Ergonomic 4-position-support, which will be perfect pillow for side sleepers. Its skin friendly and perfectly aligns with your neck, shoulder, cervical and side wings.

Material used: – Memory Foam Material is used in this pillow.

Size: – Available in King size and queen size.

Pillow cover: – You will get a pillow cover with this pillow which will protect your pillow from dust, bacteria and allergens.

Weight: – 4.8 pounds.

Price: – This pillow is priced same as Chiropractic Cervical Contour Pillow and Tri-core pillow. Do check out the latest price here.

Pros and Cons of Therapeutic Contour Pillow

It gives more comforts to the side sleepers, due to its size and shape. 4 Position support will give your neck more support.

Pillow cover and price is good points to go for this pillow. No other pillow provides pillow cover.

Its quite heavy weight, carrying it to one place to another is big issue. Overall, its good pillow to remove neck pain.


Out of all cervical traction pillows, we highly recommended you to go with Therapeutica pillow. It is good in shape, size and price, and above all, comes with 5 year warranty and they accept returns too.

Try out these best cervical pillows for neck pain and wish you no more tossing and turning in nights while sleeping.

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