How to Do Back Traction (Spinal Decompression) at Home

Why to spend tons of money while you can do Back Traction at Home only?

back traction at homeSpinal Decompression is unique technique where no surgery needed and drug free method to get relief from Back Pain for years. This therapy is widely used in clinics of Physical Therapists. There many ways you can do Spinal Decompression including stretch, different body poses, and using Back traction devices.

Before we go ahead, Let me tell that Consult your physician before you attempt Spinal Decompression at home, because its bit risky and if done wrongly, it can increase your back pain as well. Also, do read our guide for who should NOT do back traction and in which condition. Now check out the Top 4 Best Home Back Traction Device in 2019, which helps you in removing back pain.

Out of Inversion Table, all 3 devices are affordable. Now before buying this, do check how these devices work and gives relief in back pain.

How Back Traction Devices Gives Relief in Back Pain?

These devices simply stretch your spine, which results in changing in position and force of the spine.

Due to this stretch, pressure released from spine disks (which is attached between bones like gel – liquid in your spine). If this done as per the mentioned trick, it gives immediately Relief from back pain for years.

And by reducing pressure from nerves and other structures, it helps more movement of oxygen, water and fluids (nutrient rich) in disks, so it reduces the pain.

Which gives indirect benefit of decreasing chemicals in your damaged tissues of back and brought back to normal position.

Normally, one session of Chiropractors costs $70 but using above mentioned devices, you can do permanent traction at home for just $150-200. So, in short these devices save lots of money for you, its investment for you.

Now before we check the devices one by one, do check out the list of persons who should NOT do back traction.

Back Traction is NOT safe if…

  • If you are having unstable spine
  • You have tumor
  • You have fracture in any of your bones
  • If you have fresh disc surgery
  • If you are in severe spondylolisthesis and abdominal aortic aneurysm condition

And while doing back traction, if you feel more pain, immediately stop it. Because back traction not widely supported by scientific studies, despite that all expert therapist suggest it.

How to Choose Best Back Traction Home Device?

Well, you can buy yourself one from walmart or amazon but Let me tell you, not all devices are effective and safe. Like, if you choose low quality device, it can damage your back more.

So, do check our expert guide, which they selected 4 devices after well research, user feedback and therapist’s advise.

#1 Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever

Unlike other device, this device uses less space, risk free and its more effective. If you are having middle or lower back pain, this device works best. It is #1 alternative to inversion table. Below is picture which shows the position you will be while doing Back Traction using Nubax Trio.

Nubax Trio Back Pain RelieverGet on your knees, then put your underarms/shoulder under the pads and lean forward, handle the device like cycling.

Its quite easier to get in and get out in Nubax Trio than Inversion Table. Also, there is no awkward feeling of hanging upside down.

Take daily 3-6 minutes daily treatment, lean over the device and relax yourself.

A user of device says this small device gives perfect relief, in short time. Only condition is that you need to do it regularly.

Do check the latest price on Nubax Trio on Amazon; it is giving free shipping right now.

Read 107+users review on Amazon.

#2 TRUE BACK a Non powered Orthopedic Traction Device

If you are doing child pose, it is just reveres of that pose, you need to do with True Back device. Just simply lay down on your back, on this device (as shown in image below), the device will do everything on it.

TRUE BACK a Non powered Orthopedic Traction DeviceThe secrete is that this device has 30 suspension points, which are molded on the center rails which supports your body weight, gives pressure on your middle+ lower back and side spine as well.

Which results,

release of pressure from muscles completely, your muscles relaxed and increase the blood circulation in your body.

It removes the tension from your back, Decompression your spine while you are lying in normal pose. As soon as you get off, you will feel refreshed for sure and with smile on your face.

It helps in sleeping better, improve back posture and position. It increase flexibility and motion in your muscles.

It is one of the most affordable back traction device, available under $99 price. Do check out the latest price of TRUE BACK on Amazon.

And best thing is that it cannot be broken, cannot be damaged or need any part to replace ever. Its totally maintenance free device.

Read 260+ users feedback on amazon.

#3 Spinal Stretch Spinal Decompression Home Device

On the comfort level, this device comes first, its quite compact, foldable and easy to use device. And not to mention, affordable too.

Spinal Stretch Spinal Decompression Home DeviceIts fully assembled device, you don’t need to do anything, just lay down as mentioned in above pic, you are done. Two things needed to use this device, one is Door and one is Flood, am sure both is available in your home, Right?

If you don’t like inverting, this is perfect device for you. You can carry this device while traveling; require very little space because it’s portable.

To use Spinal Stretch, you need one fix point (your door), where you need to fix one strap of device. Then put on the waist belt on, traction belt and slowly ratchet the device as mentioned in image.via doing this, you will pull yourself to the anchor point (fixed point door).

It removes the tension from back via stretching your lower back spine. You will get Instruction DVD, nylon bag, traction belt, waist belt, metal ratchet with device.

One can easily pull up to 40% of body weight using this device. It is quite affordable; do check the latest price on Amazon.

Read 33+ users review on Amazon.

#4 Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table with Back pain relief Kit

No doubt it’s risky, awkward, and costly but trust me, it’s one of the most effective way to do back traction at home. Using inversion table, one can stretch his/her body with help of gravity, which extend your spine.

Teeter EP-560 Inversion TableWe have reviewed best inversion table, you can choose teeter or other table as well, as per your requirement. But the thing with inversion table is that it takes lots of time to assemble, take more space, and needs more money to buy it.

But at the same time it’s most effective as well, because it uses gravity power to stretch your spine.

We do not recommend you to buy low quality or cheap inversion table, as in the process of cost cutting, companies mostly end up reducing the quality. So, always go with high quality inversion table.

Using inversion table is quite easy, just get on the table, tie your legs with lock provided and go up side down yourself. It is most effective in sciatica, herniated discs, bulging discs and in arthritis joint pain.

We have found many users who have cancelled their surgeries after using inversion table for few weeks.

Do watch out below video, which shows how to use inversion table. Do check out 1039+ users feedback on Amazon as well.

Do check latest price of Teeter EP-560 on Amazon, they are providing free shipping as of now.

Learn More.

Conclusion: – Do use any of the back stretching machine mentioned above, every machine has its own usage and features as well. Some are costly while some are most effective. We suggest to investing few more money after its matter of your health.

Teeter inversion table is costly, risky but most effective machine, while Spinal Stretch is easy to use, easy to carry machine. TRUE BACK is most affordable, maintenance free device but our editor has recommend Nubax Trio which is safe, affordable, risk free device which is most effective at the same time.

Do share your experience of using back traction in comment below.

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